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  • Voyager Rear Pods 1
  • Voyager Rear Pods 2
  • Voyager Rear Pods 3
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Voyager Rear Speaker Pods




Available on backorder

Sold as a Set (includes Left & Right)

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Product Description

After numerous requests from Voyager owners – and Vaquero owners who have added the Voyager tour pack – we chose to step up to the challenge with a major capital investment into the tooling to bring these pods to market. We are working on an installation video to show you just how easy it is to install these pods on your bike!

For those with the removable tour pack; there is enough wire in the speaker leads for you to install quick-disconnect plugs of your choice to aid in speeding up your swap.

This kit fits the 2009-2024 Voyager (mounts to tour pack) and includes:


  • Left & Right pods
    • Felt or rubber backing (may or may not be installed prior to shipping)
  • Backing plates x2
  • Bolts x6
  • Speed nuts x8
  • Pre-installed wiring
    • Terminals to connect under the seat
    • Terminals to connect to speakers
      • Add’l crimp connectors included for mismatched speaker terminals
  • Zip ties
  • Loctite: blue, one-time use
  • Drill template now included (also available via link on website)

Additional Information

Tech Specs
Size Fits most 6-1/2″ speakers
Material ABS
Manufacturing Molded
Color Black

Designed to fit the following speakers. We will add to this list as we get feedback

Polk Audio MM652 (MM1) (confirmed)
Polk Audio MM651UM (confirmed)
Diamond Audio H65S
Hertz ML1650.3
Focal PC165SF
PRV 6FR200
Arc Audio Moto CX6
db Drive WDX6MOTO-CD
Cicada CH65.4

These speakers should also fit without issue, but have not been confirmed:


Type R



KFC-1653MRG (6-bolt)

 Polk Audio



612m (5-bolt)
Kappa 62.11

 Rockford Fosgate
MO65 / MO65B


 JL Audio

 Will NOT fit the following:

SK65MB (depth – may fit with a spacer)

Reviews for Voyager Rear Speaker Pods

  1. Scott Newman (verified owner)

    So easy to install and just a replacement if you already have the OEM pods (they use the same mounting holes). These are solid, bigger than the OEM 5.25 so bigger speakers = better sound! They really look awesome and make my Voyager sound like a concert! EA did it again!

  2. Dave (verified owner)

    I was fortunate enough to get one of the very first sets of these pods. I’m happy to report that they are very well made, flow well with the design of the bike, rugged and super easy to install. EA provides everything you need to get them mounted, wired up and ready for the 6.5″ speaker pf your choice. While all that is great, the REALLY important part is the sound. These babies did not disappoint! They are full and rich and really fill the air around you. Even at highway speeds. Another home run for EA.

  3. Brighton (verified owner)

    At long last! Do not let your passenger go without having music in the rear of your Voyager! The installation took around 45 minutes and the directions were super easy to follow. Once you balance your new rear speakers so there’s no fade to the front ones, they come in really nice and of course makes the music that much louder and better. The pods are well made and feel very durable. I am 100% satisfied and will continue to give my business to Engineered Adapters.

  4. Salvador Trujillo (verified owner)

    Just simple, I’m not goin to say much but it’s AWESOME, Randy god bless you!!! I did some modifications like support to the area of screws goes like I did reinforce the walls were the screws goes, it’s plastic and the weight of the base with speakers I know it is going to break so I did use eternabond sealant & I made 1 base in aluminum by the way I’m using DS18 Hydro NXL-6 Speakers I’m so happy with my new style, again thank you guys for all your time to make us happy

  5. dekoninck.michel.gouvy (verified owner)

    Very easy to assemble, quality product ! What a positive!

  6. Darryl Schweitzer (verified owner)

    Perfect fit! Be patient cutting out the stencil but it fit great! One hole was tight but worked with it for a few and was great! Very simple process and I used Polk Audio DB652 and fit right in! No drilling for speaker holes! Still a little smoothing of excess trim around holes to put clips in but worked great! I received only 2 mounting plates so I called Engineer Adapters and Randy told me there are only 2 plates and that they are still using Kawasaki instructions! Randy was very polite and helpful! I will be purchasing more from them because of the ease of installation and great fit! Thanks again!

  7. Dan

    Absolutely genius. The pods are great.
    The wife is satified

  8. Curtis wells (verified owner)

    Fit like a glove what a difference the 5 1/2 rockford fosgate sounds great thanks guys

  9. patrick okeefe (verified owner)

    I like the pods but definitely not as great as I expected.
    As a retired machinist there were issues that jumped out at me. First off were the templates that were provided. I’m meticulous with things and spent a lot of time fitting and measuring before drilling holes. The paper templates are lousy, at best, and I found myself using a Dremel tool to enlarge the drilled holes because they were nowhere close. If I only had the problem on one side I’d chalk it up to me missing a step but both sides were out exactly the same. I made it work but shouldn’t have had to.
    Second were the backing plates. They work but those holes are so out of whack I couldn’t help but wonder about the quality control going on.
    Last was the finish. These are obviously 3D printed which is cool. But how much time and effort would it have taken to deburr them before shipping? Another step that shouldn’t have been necessary on my part.
    So with all that. I got them on and they look and work good. Would I buy them again? Not for the price with the quality issues I encountered. These are very expensive for what they are. For the price they should be perfect and they just aren’t.

    • admin

      Thank you for the feedback, it helps us improve our products. These are definitely not 3d-printed, they are molded. We do deburr the speaker cutout and we will advise our finishing department on your feedback so we can make improvements.
      We placed the mounting bolts in the same location as the original Kawasaki pods, should anyone want to upgrade their original pods to our larger pods. The templates used are the actual Kawasaki templates. This means the template never matched the OEM hole locations. We intend to create our own templates in the future and we will re-align them to match the hole locations.

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