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Fairing 6-1/2″ Speaker Adapters




Available on backorder

Add if you intend to keep your factory radio

Front speaker wiring kit (for amp with factory radio)

Sold as a Set (includes Left & Right)

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Product Description

*** (04/21/24) Current lead time for manufacturing is ~7-10 days! ***

Don’t settle for the factory 5-1/4″ speakers when you can easily upgrade to 6-1/2″ speakers in your fairing using our adapters. These are a perfect fit into the fairing and have a factory appearance. The universal fit allows many different brands of speakers to fit, though some may require trimming.

Additional Information

Tech Specs
Size Converts 5-1/4″ to 6-1/2″
Material ABS
Manufacturing Additive (3D)
Color Black

We have not tested all of these but customer feedback states the following speakers will fit without modification (uos). Not all listed are marine grade. Most 6.5″ speakers work better if you remove the OEM sound cone behind the factory speakers. It is removalbe once you remove the factory 5.25″ speakers (basically, don’t put it back into the fairing). We do not recommend drilling your own mounting holes!


Type R


ECX165.5 (trimming of adapter req’d)
HCX165.5 (trimming of adapter req’d)

KFC-1653MRG (6-bolt)

Polk Audio
MM651 (NOT MM651UM or MM651MM)

612m (5-bolt)
Kappa 62.11

Rockford Fosgate


JL Audio

Pro-HY6.4MSL (trimming of adapter req’d)

Will NOT fit the following:
Polk Audio MM651s (while “s” is for slim, the mounting bolt pattern is different)

The following will fit but require modification to the adapters and/or fairing.
** These mods are not reversible **
** We do not recommend modifying the adapters **
Polk Audio MM651UM
Polk Audio MM651MM
Pok Audio MM6501UM
Kenwood KFC-650

We will continue to update models as we discover their compatibility.

Reviews for Fairing 6-1/2″ Speaker Adapters

  1. Roy LItzinger (verified owner)

    Adapters arrived quickly and product was as described. Easy to install and fit perfectly on the bike. Have received many positive comments from others. Great quality product.

  2. Cody (verified owner)

    Great product! And most of all great customer service thanks for making these products!

  3. ty (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Very simple to install took about 30 minutes. Very impressed with the fit and looks. I installed Rockford Fostgate 6.5 along with an alpine amp. This Vaquero now rocks !!!!

  4. Terence (verified owner)

    Must have if upgrading to 6.5” speakers. Looks amazing, just like a factory install.

  5. Tom Johnston (verified owner)

    I have set of the original adapters and also a set of the newest revision. The new ones are much more secure, built very solidly and the fitment was bank on with no fine tuning required. Great product.

  6. Bill Fitzpatrick

    I have purchased these speaker adapters. They are awesome. Fit great. I installed kicker 6.5 speakers in them. Owner is quick to get you your order. Thanks dude.

  7. Ronnie Dean

    Speakers adapters and all the stuff i bought for 2017 Vaquero work out well.

  8. Chuck Anders (verified owner)

    The adapters work really well with the Polk Audio MM652 MM1 speakers. They also look great on the bike! Great job engineering these. Well pleased.

  9. Ron “Big Son” Sydnor (verified owner)

    Engineeredadapters are Great…perfect and precise fit for the Polkaudio 6.5 I went with. The instructions were very clear and understandable. Good solid material construction. I’ll do the bags next cause the step by step instructions will get me there. WELL WORTH the $

  10. Jorge L Cotty (verified owner)

    Exact fit, great and detailed instructions. Will keep buying, keep up the good work. Making this Vulcans unique from the rest of them expensive non worth bikes…

  11. Efren Oliveras (verified owner)

    Purchased a set last year for my bike and they are 2 piece, also you have to be careful when tightening the speakers screws, I had 1 stripped out easily. For the money it should have been built better and maybe 1 piece.

  12. steve hutchison (verified owner)

    Love these! Perfect fit, looks factory made. Super easy install! 400W Boss audio 6.5” fit perfect! Thinking of getting the saddle bag adapters soon!

  13. Jeremy Johnson

    You cant beat randys adaptors, dont waste time and money trying to make 6.5s work in your voyager/vaquero. These are too simple and at a great price as well as everything else. I suggest purchasing everything randy offers for the bike for a clean, simple, problem free install!

  14. Kevin Ketcham (verified owner)

    You’ll see this same review on multiple products because I’ve redone my whole stereo system with Engineered adapters help! Amp mounting plate, single din radio adapter, wiring harness for aftermarket stereo, 6.5 inch speaker adapters and although I didn’t buy it from him the pac-swi r/c install with wiring help courtesy of Randy! Seriously made doing all of this almost idiot proof and my bike sounds so much better with my Polk speakers, fosgate amp and Kenwood Head unit. Thanks for all the help and great products! Well worth the $$$$

  15. Dean Stephens (verified owner)

    Easy install, perfect fit, clear instructions.
    Awesome sound from my new Polk MM1 speakers!
    Great job!

  16. Jeff SMITH

    I have these on my 2015 Voyager and the fit was perfect. Quality is Awesome. The adapters bolt right on. Get a lot of comments on them

  17. keith Berte (verified owner)

    the adapters are great! just for info.,kenwood 6’5 inch speakers model kfc-650 concert series,do not fit right,must drill different holes.do not align flush with adapters.total width of speakers with grills attached is 6.5 inches,adapters are wider than that.best buy sells these speakers,,although they sound great,you will have to spend some time modifying.

  18. Steve Turner (verified owner)

    Just finished installing my new 6.5 speakers. These adaptors look great, were a snap to install and the big sound is great. Nice job!

  19. K Winfield (verified owner)

    Just wanted to let vaquero riders know that I installed 6.75 Rockford fosgate power speakers on the adapters and sounds nice

  20. Paul LaRue (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, Installed Polk Audio DB652s and sounds great!

  21. Amonte

    I bought the frt speaker adapter and the deck adapter and wiring harness. And my installer said his products is better than the other companies and for now on is the company he’s using.

  22. Keith Bailey (verified owner)

    I installed the amp brackets offered and the wiring harness suggested perfect fit and no harm to the factory wiring ran Rockford pbr300x2 freq 120 gain 5;ordered 2 sets of adapters for my voyager and my brother in laws voyager kicker marine speakers very loud very clear Mr Randy is excellent to deal with and went above and beyond to help me thank you for the help am looking forward to the possibility of rear pods oem is rediciously high and same ole cheap speakers! Remember some times you have to get lost to find yourself. Thanks again

  23. Austin (verified owner)

    Bought the speaker adapters, head unit face plate, and the wiring harness. couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. looks good and sounds awesome!

  24. Anders Nordh (verified owner)

    A breeze to install, had to drill 3 additional holes for my JBL marine grade speakers, worked out perfectly

  25. Dean (verified owner)

    Just installed the 6.5″ speaker adapters… they look fantastic, super easy to install, thank you so much! Do not take this the wrong way, they look so good my friends didn’t even notice the change, when i pointed it out they told me the speakers looked ‘factory’.. well done you !!!

  26. AL Santiago (verified owner)

    Waited almost 2 weeks for my adaptors ,to arrive ,when they did I noticed they are not one completely ring ,but two pices that seem to slide together and interlock sadly on one adapter they did not interlock properly one half was higher than the other half ,on my other bracket the tabs broke off when I placed it inside the speaker opening after closer inspection it seemed it had a air pocket or void in it , but I got them to work with some repairs of mine.

    • admin (verified owner)

      We have reached out to this customer to resolve the issues mentioned. As far as shipping, the 6.5″ adapters list on the product page the extended lead time for manufacturing. When these were ordered the lead time was 7-9 days. Add shipping to that timeframe and you are pushing two weeks from order to delivery.
      We back our products and wish this customer would have reached out for resolution. After seeing this review (the first we heard of any issues) we have offered to work with this customer for a resolution.

  27. Michael (verified owner)

    These adapters are awesome! Very well made, and very affordable for it’s worth. Going from 5’s to 6.5″ is the way to go. Huge difference in sound quality. Thanks Randy for your product. I highly recommend every Voyager Rider to make the upgrade. My rating is

  28. Alan Hopkins (verified owner)

    Just ordered the speaker adapters yesterday can’t wait… Already ordered the single din adapter, wiring harness, headlight and aux light adapters all looks awesome had a small issue with fitment on one of the aux light adapters and a new one was shipped out to me the same day very good company to deal with I’ll be ordering the amp mount as soon as it becomes available again

  29. Ronald Tipton

    They are ok as I think they will work. These are a two piece item and mine were not even at the junction points and the adhesive did not fully fill the connection. They will not fit most marine speakers with an enclosed backend. I mentioned this on Custom Vaquero Nation Facebook page and multiple people said they had to grind them down to make their speakers fit. Returned the speakers and have bought more that I am hoping will fit. I’m am keep them as I have no other choice for my bike. I think a one piece design would be much better with an opening large enough to handle a marine speaker.

  30. Trevor Smith (verified owner)

    Haven’t fully installed them yet but did a test fit and they for like a glove!! No sanding or modifications required. Once the grills are installed they look like they were on the bike from the factory!

  31. H Tom (verified owner)

    Items came already assembled and they fit like a glove after removing oem sound cones.
    Using the fairing as a baffle improves low end bass immensely.
    Only one issue: the oem speaker wire spade connecters stuck out enough to keep the speakers from aligning with the adapter holes after the speakers were connected.
    I had to replace the oem connectors with much smaller ones in order to align properly.
    Excellent product and service.

  32. Scott Newman (verified owner)

    After ordering and installing both the headlight and auxiliary light adapter kits, I went for these speaker adapters … just like other adapters these are high quality and a near perfect fit! The installation was easy and straight forward…everything lined up with the OEM fairing speaker cutouts and tabs, no modification were necessary. I did remove the speaker cones as Randy suggested so the sound actually sounds “fuller”. I have a 2019 Voyager so perhaps the newer models have longer speaker connections as there was plenty of slack so connecting each speaker it was very easy. I am glad Randy noted that the bottom pre drilled speaker hole on the adapter was more shallow then the rest as I used a shorter screw to secure the speakers .. no problem! My application was the Kenwood 6.5 marine grade KFC-1653MRB which fit well with the pre-drilled holes so no modification was needed. (I just wish the speakers came with black mounting screws). Some other reviewers mentioned that a 6.75 speaker would fit better (very limited choices in that size if you are looking for a marine grade speaker) as the larger size eliminates any “lip” on the outer circumference of the adapter but I found that in my application the speakers actually mount slightly off center which eliminated any “lip” on the outer edge of the adapter and the lip was more on the inner edge which is not notable due to the fairings gauge panel. I am not sure if my explanation is all that clear, but the bottom line is that it just works. Looking forward to more adapters from Randy, rear speakers perhaps!

  33. Jesse Knittel (verified owner)

    These fit great and look great. I added the 6 1/2 inch kicker marine speakers and power pick amplifiers. Sounds awesome

  34. Dale Archer (verified owner)

    Just got my 6 1/2″ adapters. Came already assembled and a perfect fit!! Only recommendation I have is that the installer line up the supplied bolt before inserting the outer tab in the frame. There’s enough play and makes it so much easier to get the bolt started.

    Very, very happy!

  35. Donald Bamberger (verified owner)

    The one & only adapters, period! Randy emailed back & forth several times. Good guy! 2011 Kawasaki Voyager.

  36. strujilloabreu (verified owner)

    One of the best investments you can do to your Voyager, I’m sooooo happy with 100% fit & look of my new adapters witch I’m using MM1 Polks, totaly different sound 🙂 Thank you so much Randy, Best Regards!!!

  37. Jesse Noa (verified owner)

    Such a wonderful approach to ensuring that customer receives exactly what they are looking for. Very informative about their product. Once shipped, product comes very quickly through the mail. Easy fit, solid product. Thank you for everything! If I could them 10 I would…

  38. Steve B

    I installed the SKAR’s that EA states require a LOT of modification… and let me tell you that they’re not BS’n you on that. It’s a HUGE amount of modification to both their adapter and the opening in the fairing. Take heed. In the end, they fit and sound good… but was it worth it (?)… meh… I likely would have been just as happy with another that didn’t require all of that. Either way – it looks good and got me into a bigger speaker for bigger, better, clearer sound.

  39. Raymond (verified owner)

    Installed my Kicker speakers today absolutely love it. Took me all 15 minutes or less to get it done. Holes lined up perfectly. Looking forward to doing the saddlebags next.

  40. Andrzej (verified owner)

    Great invention. Simple and quick assembly. the adapter quickly arrived in Poland. Regards

  41. Kevin Remsen (verified owner)

    They look amazing and were very easy to install. Thank you for making such a great product!

  42. James Nusky (verified owner)

    Great product I bought these for my 2017 Kawasaki voyager. Unfortunately I was struck by a vehicle Friday and I am writing from the trama unit. The Bike is wrecked. I am glad to be alive. I would definitely buy this product. Great company and great quality.

    • admin (verified owner)

      James, our team at Engineered Adapters wishes you a speedy recovery! Your health is much more important than a bike! Glad you are still with us!

  43. Curtis wells (verified owner)

    Installed and love the difference the 6 1/2 inch speakers makes now waiting on my glove box adapters and rear pods to show up that’s EA for the great product

  44. GZ (verified owner)

    Gives your bike a factory look while giving you room to add bigger speakers. Easy to install.

  45. DANIEL CORMIER (verified owner)

    Just installed polk db 6.5″ speakers on my 19 vaquero using the adapters which makes this job a breeze! I have also used other products that you provide improving the stereo on the vulcan vaquero and the videos you put out that make the intimidating tasks (installing the amplifier)simple. Thank you.

  46. jamey612 (verified owner)

    Work as advertised. Fitment was slightly off on the factory rubber threaded insert, and it was a pain to get it lined up (but with a few curse words and finagling, I finally got it). The really nice added touch was the instructions say that this is a 2 piece and that you need to assemble it, however when it arrived, it was already put together! I put on Polk Audio DB+ Series marine speakers and they fit and sound great! I will be doing several more upgrades, but for now, these speakers with the factory radio already sound much better! I had to turn the radio down from a volume 16 (with factory speakers) to a 4 and it is a much better sound! I should’ve made this upgrade a LONG time ago. Thank you Randy for all the mods you make available, keep up the great work.

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