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Great news fellow Voyager owners; Engineered Adapters is looking to fill the vacuum left behind when Kawasaki stopped manufacturing the factory rear tour pack speaker pods!

These pods will hold most 6-1/2” speakers (factory was 5-1/4”) and will include all mounting hardware and wiring. They look great and compliment the design of the Voyager! These will not be covered with material like the factory units were.

We are currently offering these as a PRESALE! We are prepared to make the capital investment. A major investment only makes sense, however, if we know we have the sales to justify it. This presale is simply to get financial commitment from the Voyager community to purchase these speaker pods. Don’t miss out on this presale price break – order yours today!!

UPDATE: We have placed a purchase order to manufacture the tooling!

The product:
This kit includes the molded (not 3d printed) tour pack speaker pods (x2), mounting hardware and wiring. No speakers are included, there are just too many options and personal choice. Examples of some of the 6-1/2” speakers these are designed to fit can be found below.

The timeframe:
Tooling-up takes time and can have many obstacles for new tooling start-up. At this time, we do not have a specific timeframe.The tooling is currently being manufactured and is estimated to be completed at the end of January 2023. We estimate a few weeks to test and do QC controls before we begin production but February is our current window to begin shipping. Manufacturing and production can have issues and delays that could extend this timeframe; when purchasing, you are agreeing to this extended delivery window.

The promise:
Engineered Adapters has spent the last few years building up our business, reputation and customer service. If we are unable to manufacture this product, we will refund 100% of your pre-sale purchase.

The process:
Your card will be charged when you make your presale purchase, This means we are holding your funds during the lead time which is something we do not take lightly. We will hold these funds in account so that we can offer any refunds until we are about to ship the parts.

We will keep the group updated on the progress especially for any impact on the timeline via our facebook page ( With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, we know and understand all too well that sometimes there are delays but that also means we know how to assist with solutions along the way. Our commitment is to deliver a quality product even if that means an unavoidable delay in the delivery timeframe.

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These will be durable, molded parts and sold with the pods, hardware and speaker wiring. This is for both left and right sides.

These are designed to accept most 6-1/2” speakers. Examples that should fit* include many Polk, Sony, Kicker, etc and even some of the big boys like

Polk Audio MM1
Diamond Audio H65S
Hertz ML1650.3
Focal PC165SF
PRV 6FR200
Arc Audio Moto CX6
db Drive WDX6MOTO-CD
Cicada CH65.4

And MANY more. We’ll compile a more thorough list as we get feedback from customers.
* = speakers have not yet been physically tested
(We have made every effort to proof this listing but we are not responsible for errors)


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