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Glovebox 5-1/4″ Speaker Adapters




Available on backorder

Sold as a Set (includes Left & Right)

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Product Description

We will revise the design as we continue to get feedback on speaker compatibility. We want to keep expectations reasonable. Our goal is to fit as many different models as possible in the space available. We expect to fit most “common” 5-1/4″ speakers.

See Additional information tab above for speaker compatibility


Additional Information

NOTE: (11/24/23) These have an approximate lead time of 3-5 days.

After enough requests, Engineered Adapters has taken on the task of manufacturing speaker adapters to replace the glove box area on the Voyager and Vaquero. These are for 5-1/4″ speakers but being such a new product we have limited speaker compatibility information. We will update our compatibility list as users advise us on fitment.

This design is subject to change as we receive customer feedback.

Fits 2011-2023 Vaquero 1700 (all models)

Fits 2009-2023 Voyager 1700 (all models)

See Additional information tab below for speaker compatibility

Compatibility List. We will update as we get feedback from our customers

MM552 (requires slight trimming of fairing)


Reviews for Glovebox 5-1/4″ Speaker Adapters

  1. dad1kids4 (verified owner)

    Fit great and look good as well

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