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This connector was developed to help with the growing trend of aftermarket stereo installation for the Voyager and Vaquero. Engineered Adapters played a key role in helping to launch this trend by first developing our 6.5″ Fairing Adapters and then our SingleDIN radio faceplate adapter.

This brand-new product was the next step in making the aftermarket stereo installation much more user friendly! Cutting into the factory harness is a daunting task but Engineered Adapters has now made than unnecessary!

This allows the installation of an aftermarket stereo and steering wheel interface (i.e. PAC SWI-RC1) without cutting any factory wiring on your Kawasaki! This requires the installation of two resistors which are now included with the harness!


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Fits 2009-2022 Voyager
Fits 2011-2022 Vaquero

Engineered Adapters has developed the long-awaited solution for installing an aftermarket stereo into your Vaquero or Voyager without cutting into the factory harness AND, when combined with a steering wheel interface module, you can retain your handlebar controls!

That’s right, our wiring harness adapters – the only one on the market for our big Vulcans – makes installation easier because you will not need to cut into a single wire on the motorcycle harness and the Pacific Audio SWI-RC1 module (sold separately) can be wired in allowing you to retain the handlebar-mounted stereo controls that we have all come to love.

This harness includes all the wires necessary to connect the aftermarket stereo and the PAC steering wheel interface as well as a bold, clear wiring diagram. Once wired up, it plugs directly into the OEM wiring harness!

A secondary benefit is that this harness plug allows all of the wiring to be completed on your workbench – before you perform any work on the bike! Your wiring task is made as painless as possible since the wire colors on the harness plug match those on your factory harness!

While we don’t have the equipment to test against dust and moisture, this harness utilizes the gasket in the OEM plug for a tight fit and is sealed on the backside with potting epoxy. So while we can’t claim any IP rating we are confident in their ability to seal against dust and moisture!

12 reviews for Wiring Harness Plug

  1. Brock Walker (verified owner)

    If you are upgrading your stereo system this is a must have, it makes the job so much easier. Makes it so you can do you wiring on the bench. Well worth it!!

  2. Terence

    Just what I needed for my JVC. Saved time and kept all the factory harnesses intact. I highly recommend!

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    Did everything on the bench before I installed the radio. Made installation way faster, and easier.

  4. Kevin Ketcham (verified owner)

    You’ll see this same review on multiple products because I’ve redone my whole stereo system with Engineered adapters help! Amp mounting plate, single din radio adapter, wiring harness for aftermarket stereo, 6.5 inch speaker adapters and although I didn’t buy it from him the pac-swi r/c install with wiring help courtesy of Randy! Seriously made doing all of this almost idiot proof and my bike sounds so much better with my Polk speakers, fosgate amp and Kenwood Head unit. Thanks for all the help and great products! Well worth the $$$

  5. Brandon Patton (verified owner)

    Great products and great service! Randy answered all my questions before purchase and made sure I had everything I needed for my custom install. Installed a new head unit, amp, speakers, and PAC and didn’t have to cut or splice into any factory wires! They even provided the proper resistors needed on the pac install. I’m so glad I found this site in my search. I purchased the wiring harness, radio adapter, and amp bracket.

  6. Jon

    This adapter makes your install much easier! Just read your correct wiring diagram all the way thru, match your wires up, plug and play. A must have for any new voyager/vaquero radio install!

  7. Joe Winterrowd (verified owner)

    Absolutely the only way to go to upgrade your audio. Quality products that simplify the install and make everything look great! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase! (Single din adapter, front and rear 6.5 adapters, rear wiring kit, wiring harness)

  8. Matthew Whittaker

    Honestly I cannot say enough about Randy and his products. He is the real deal. I’ve bought several of his products all with great quality and functionality. But even more importantly he traded about a dozen emails back and forth with me when I got stuck on the wiring. That’s first class in my experience. Your not going to get that from just about anyone else. Talk about customer support he was a HUGE help and reached out to me directly.

  9. Howard/ Knoxville TN

    All I can say is SUPERB!!!! every thing has been more than I could have expected.

    Thanks again guys

  10. Bill Metcalf (verified owner)

    The wiring harness, PAC module and single din adapter from Engineered Adapters is a must have if you are wanting a new sound system on your Vaquero. Took about an hour and a half and I had it installed and got my handle bar controls to work with the new stereo. Awesome how you have no factory wires to cut makes it a quick and easy job. Thanks again for the prompt delivery had it in less than 5 days to Alberta Canada. I will be ordering the speaker adapters very soon!

  11. Harry Tom (verified owner)

    Harness (plus the color diagram) makes installation of an aftermarket radio very simple.
    As in the description, the wires can be presoldered to the new radio harness, steering controller and/or amp before taking off the cowl.
    The most time consuming part was taking off/reinstalling the cowl and tidying up the wires after the harness was attached.
    Definitely worth the few hours of work as the Vaquero oem radio is truly awful.
    A modern $80 aftermarket single din radio is light years better in terms of sound quality and features.
    Major kudos to Engineered Adapters

  12. Steve B (verified owner)

    This made things sooo much easier. A few points… read the diagram over completely beforehand. Look at the legend and ALL of Randy’s notes. Look at the wiring points that are presented (esp the harness and PAC (if you’re using one))… the orientation of the wires isn’t presented that way arbitrarily… it directly matches the way that the harness, etc is manufactured. Like others, I built this on a bench ahead of time – then just wired it up and grounded it. Well worth the money and as usual, EA’s service was amazing.

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