Handlebar Control Interface (SWI-RC1) w/ant ext

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Note that this is for the PAC SWI-RC-1 as it is the successor to the now discontinued SWI-RC.

Engineered Adapters has worked with the engineers at PAC to prove out the wiring schematic and the RC-1 uses exactly the same wiring diagram as the RC.

However, mapping of the controls just became considerably easier with less guess-work involved. The RC-1 will no longer require a vehicle number for the Kawasaki Voyager or Vaquero and the radio manufacturer is now set using DIP switches!

In other welcome news, when mapping the buttons, the RC-1 blinks its’ LED to alert you it has accepted the command so you can move to the next one. It’s an all around better installation experience and while the RC did a nice job, we welcome this successor.

An aftermarket stereo installation also requires an AM/FM antenna extension. We are including one with this purchase. This is for both the SWI-RC-1 and the AM/FM antenna extension.

SWI-RC1 Installation Instructions

Installation of the SWI-RC-1 into the Vaquero/Voyager requires installation of two resistors. We include the proper resistors with our Wiring Harness Plug

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Used to retain handlebar controls when installing an aftermarket radio. We also recommend the Wiring Harness Plug as well as the SingleDIN faceplate adapter.

1 review for Handlebar Control Interface (SWI-RC1) w/ant ext

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Works as advertised and install was easy with the Engineered Adapters wire harness. Great after sales customer service to answer questions as well.

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