• 45 Mix
  • 45 Chrome
  • 45 Black
  • 45 Side
  • Rings 4
  • Rings 3
  • 45 Mix
  • 45 Chrome
  • 45 Black
  • 45 Side
  • Rings 4
  • Rings 3

4.5″ Auxiliary LED lights (new product)




Auxiliary Light Mounting Kit (Voyager/Vaquero)

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Sold as a Set (includes Left & Right)

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Product Description

4-1/2″ LED auxiliary lights, sometimes called passing lights fit into the Voyager or Voyager with the installation of our adapter bracket. DOT-approved LED light includes a clear lens and your choice of black or chrome finish to match your bike. Allows a custom-look to your bike while providing a safer ride with longer reach than factory lights.

Additional Information

Tech Specs
Size 4-1/2″ Diameter
Operating Voltage 9v-16v DC
Color Temp 6500K
Material Die cast aluminum
Lens PC
Working Life 30,000 hours
Output 1440LM x2
Certs RoHs, IP67, DOT, CE
Connection Direct (usually flipped +/-)
Finish Clear lens with Chrome or Black features

Reviews for 4.5″ Auxiliary LED lights (new product)

  1. Frank (verified owner)

    I purchased these LED’s for my 2023 Kawasaki VN1700 along with the headlight and all the parts required – SUPER happy with the results but wanted to really state that the support provided for a small issue with the connections for the fog lights was “over the top great”! I emailed them [Randy replied] about the issue and he replied on FRIDAY night [same day], I assumed I’d hear something on Monday because I sent in later on Friday – then again on SUNDAY [and Father’s Day] he replied again, and it was the FIX…. GREAT product and I will continue to buy from these folks based on an awesome support experience… speakers are next on the list – front first, then the back.


  2. Eric (verified owner)

    installed the LED auxiliary lights and the adaptive rings and everything turned out Excellent on my 2020 Kawasaki Vaquero. The lights look good and really brighten the road up. The installation process was painless.

  3. L Dantzler (verified owner)

    I had a Auxiliary light go out call Randy bout it he got Rite on it I already had speaker adapters coming he sent it all at the same time I wanna say Thx

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