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Headlight LED Mounting Ring (Voyager/Vaquero only)





Sold Individually

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Product Description

This adapter bracket is made specifically to allow the installation of a 7” LED headlight into your 1700 Voyager or Vaquero. Made in America with laser-cut, heavy-gauge steel and finished off in a durable, black powdercoat finish. Aiming of the headlight can be achieved with the built-in adjustment screws. Installation only takes basic hand tools and can be done in less than 30 minutes! Why continue to trust your life to those weak factory lights when an LED headlight can offer you a safer path ahead? *Anytime a new headlight is installed, re-adjusting the aim is required*

Additional Information

Tech Specs Chrome Black
Mounting Ring Material Steel
Mounting Ring Finish Black Powder Coating
Clamp Ring Material Steel
Clamp Ring Finish Chrome Plated Black Plated
Support Ring Material Steel
Support Ring Finish Chrome Plated Black Plated
Spring Material Steel
Spring Finish Chrome Plated Black Plated
Adjuster Bolts Material Steel
Adjuster Bolts Finish Chrome Black
Clamp Ring Screw Material Stainless Steel
Trim Ring Screw Material Stainless Steel

Reviews for Headlight LED Mounting Ring (Voyager/Vaquero only)

  1. Bryan Gross

    I have one of Engineered Adapters Headlight LED Mounting Rings installed on my 2011 Vaquero. Randy has done it again folks!!! Simplicity, ease, cost and function. To have Randy on the Voyager and Vaquero side of the motorcycle market is a great thing. It does take less than 30 minutes. You can do the swap in your driveway with 3 tools. If you’re thinking of doing this… stop reading this and order one!

  2. Mike Hann (verified owner)

    Makes the installation a easy. Worth the $$$

  3. Josh Collins

    As a repeat customer of randy’s [engineered adaptors]
    I am thrilled that he has developed another amazing product! I currently have this adapter and a daymaker style headlight installed on my bike
    The construction of the product is A+, the installation process was extremely simple. once again I can not express enough my gratitude to randy and his dedication to the vaquero/Voyager community
    Job well done sir!!!!

  4. Thomas Ortberg (verified owner)

    I did my daymaker old school and welded the pieces together and had a hard time getting the light adjusted right. I received the headlight LED mounting ring from Engineered Adapters and put it in today .What a difference . Easy to install and easy to adjust. It put the light right where it belongs. Everything was well thought out on this product. This product is a Home Run A+ . Well done Randy. Best product yet.

  5. Patrick McFadzen

    Great product. After receiving and viewing the installation video, I was able to install in about 30 minutes. The installation video is easy to follow and it’s obvious Randy put lots of thought into both the product and video.

  6. Bryan S. (verified owner)

    Thank you Randy for this brilliant hardware. After purchasing my new Vaquero I wanted to install a daymaker style headlight right away, but unfortunately after research I learned that I had to modify the stock hardware irreversibly. I did not want to do that, but it was only a short while after that I found out Randy from Engineered Adapters has finishing up some prototypes and was going to be selling his new creation. I have to say I am very pleased with the build quality and the fit. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to install one of my favorite mods so far!

  7. Daniel Cliver (verified owner)

    Let me start off by saying HOLY SH*T. I’m impressed to the max, I have spent a lot of time looking around the internet trying to see how people mounted a daymaker style headlight. Well out of luck I found engineeredadapters.com and at first I was skeptical about the ring and price but let me tell you it is worth every penny. It’s literally simple bolt in and no messing up your factory headlight assembly. Good job guys

  8. Chad T. (verified owner)

    Thank You Randy for this well thought out product. I have been wanting to install a daymaker headlight on my Vaquero for a while but was worried that the methods of modifying the stock headlight assembly would make adjustment less than ideal. I happened to find your adapter while searching for ways other people have mounted their daymakers. This design is brilliant and the fit and finish is top notch. This adapter is worth every penny and the install was simple and painless. Also, I want to compliment how well your video explains the installation. Keep up the good work and I will highly recommend your products to others.

  9. Adrian R (verified owner)

    Had it installed in about 15 min. Great product. Will be buying more products from them

  10. Raz (verified owner)

    Happy with the Quick and Easy install great fitting quality product. As mentioned by other reviews I found Engineering Adapter by searching the WEB for mods to the original OEM headlight. This upgrade is well worth the money,

  11. Harry Tom (verified owner)

    Installation was even easier with the following light kit:
    “BICYACO Motorcycle 7 Inch LED Headlight Set with 4-1/2 Inch LED Passing Lamps and Bracket Mounting.”
    Just remove light from it’s mount ring and connect to Engineered Adapters mount ring.
    Light already comes connected to the clamp ring on this light kit.
    Excellent product by Engineered Adapters and great installation video.

  12. Arturo Rivero (verified owner)

    Great product! I’ve seen individuals on YouTube completely disassemble their fairings in order to mount aftermarket headlights and I simply hadn’t the patience for that kind of business. I knew there just had to be an easier way to get the job done without permanemtly altering the existing mounting ring as well…. enter Engineer Adapters!
    I’m a jeweler by trade, so I am mechanically inclined, Engineer Adapters’ mounting ring, however, made easier work of mounting my new headlight than had expected!
    Again… awesome product! Thank you.

  13. scott newman (verified owner)

    This had to be the easiest install ever! The video walks you through swapping parts from a third party adapter ring to the EA ring and it fit perfectly. Randy was not kidding when he said the installation is about 30 mins…wow. I purchased the Truckmall LED kit which includes a 7 inch headlight, two auxiliary lights and an adapter ring all for about $105. Basically everything you need for installation. I see that there are some kits out there that may need modifications (ie, Sunpie) to fit the EA adapters, but the Truckmall kit did not…everything fit perfectly. Another great thing about the EA adapter is it makes aiming the headlight even easier now. I am so happy EA is focused on the Voyager and Vaquero as there are not too many custom parts out there for these bikes… thank you EA!!! Looking forward to EA creating rear speaker pods as Kawasaki no longer sells them and there is nothing else out there that would fit.

  14. Howard Lane

    This was my first purchase for customizing my 2018 Vaquero, Thoroughly impressed! I will be doing more customizing of this bike, and will definitely be a repeat customer. I just wish they had more stuff available for other models of bikes that I personally own

  15. George Ehr (verified owner)

    I have all of the EA adapters and cannot believe the great quality and quick delivery I have had. My last order was the headlight and auxiliary LED adapters that I ordered on a Sunday afternoon and by Friday, I had both sets in my hands. And that’s in Canada! My first purchase was last year with the speaker adapters which allowed me to put in my larger Kicker 6 1/2” speakers which sound great. This year, I’m putting in an amp so I figured while I had the fairing off, I might as well update the lights. The adapters are a perfect fit. I had to do some light sanding on the aux. lights adapter but they are now nice and snug. Thanks EA for your help!

  16. Steve Johnson (verified owner)

    This adapter was just what I needed to complete the LED headlight project on my 2019 Voyager. It worked perfectly with my Hogworkz 7in Halomaker headlight. Installation was a piece of cake and everything looks excellent. Highly recommend.

  17. Dennis (verified owner)

    Products were all great but very anti social with no number to call and very unresponsive through emails.. somehow my address got switched up when ordering and it clearly states in their email to double check the address and if any discrepancy then email them to correct it well I did that literally 4 minutes after ordering then send 2 other emails in place of them and they never responded and proceeded to send it to the wrong address and still no reach out … pretty disappointing

    • admin (verified owner)

      Customer has purchased from EA several times. After alerting us the item was shipped to the incorrect address, we investigated the issue. Customer did, in fact, notify us of an address change that we failed to update and shipped to the incorrect address. We also failed to notify customer that we were investigating the issue which appeared as a lack of response. We did reach out for resolution.

  18. Serge (verified owner)

    I bought the kit with the light (7″) sold by Enginnered Adapter and it really is effortless to install. My advise is watch the installation video that they did. It could not be easioer then that.

  19. Kevin murphy (verified owner)

    I just received my headlight kit for my 2018 vaquero the other day. When they say on a scale of 1 to 5 it was the one for ease of installation they were correct. This was the easiest modification I made to my bike so far and the product is fantastic. I know I’ll be coming back for more products from this company because they deliver what they say they’re going to deliver. Which is a perfect product. Thanks guys and keep up the great work

  20. Mark Merritt (verified owner)

    Apparently, I’m in the minority when it comes to this modification. I will say the LED driving lights are brighter. The headlight doesn’t appear any brighter on low or high beam? Maybe the light is bad?? Additionally, when I switch from high to low beam, the dash indicator light takes a second or two to dim Also, the installation instructions are videos on Youtube, the videos are not that detailed in my opinion, also trying to watch YT and stop and rewind during the installation is less than thorough imo. As for not showing how to aim the headlight after having totally replaced the whole original mounting ring and climing there are many videos on YT that show how to aim the headlight it very misleading. In fact it is wrong as I cannot find one video that shows how to adjust the new LED headlight in the new 3 point system. There are video’s showing how to adjust the original headlight, but not the new setup. This could be much better by clearly showing how the new setup is adjusted. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy that someone makes decent aftermarket parts for the Voyager. I just think a few things could make it an even better product.

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