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Product Description

Do you want rear speakers for your Vaquero or Nomad with side-open bags? Designed to perfectly match the form on the rear, side-open saddlebags found on the 1700 Vaquero and 1500/1600 Nomads, these allow the installation of 6-1/2″ speakers to help enhance the sound stage on your bike. Drilling into the bag is required but the groove on the underside of these allow them to be sealed from the elements.

Additional Information

Tech Specs
Size Fits 6-1/2″ speakers
Material ABS
Manufacturing Additive (3D)
Color Black

Reviews for Saddlebag LoRise Speaker Mounts

  1. Toby Romack (verified owner)

    Bought these for my 2011 Kawasaki Vaquero and they fit perfect. Look great and a breeze to install. Only con would be to make them a one piece instead of two piece. Thanks Randy, I will be ordering the fairing adapters as soon as I decide on the speakers.

  2. Matt Young (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and easy to work with. Looks amazing installed and makes installing rear speakers amazingly simple. No fiberglassing and sanding. Don’t even need to paint anything. Install in less than an hour.

  3. Paul Brown (verified owner)

    Perfect Fit and so simple to install. My speakers are JBL Club Marine MS65LB RGBs. The fit perfect. I did not even want to paint them either.

  4. Andy Vann (verified owner)

    Not really to thrilled with the product has jagged edges not smooth as shown in the picture some spot look like they have been over heated and deformed cuasing it not to sit flush

    • admin

      The back of the mount rings are formed to match the top of the saddlebag and fit tight. In addition they have a built-in slot to add silicon or other sealer to prevent water from entering the bag. The build-up of the 3D print layers look very smooth on the topside, but do appear more “rough” on the lower side but this does not create any issues for the installation, fit or sealing of the rings to the bag.

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