Rear speaker wiring kit for amp (Voyager ONLY)


Looking to install an amp but keep your factory radio?
Does your Voyager have the factory rear speaker kit?

This plug-n-play kit will help you to route the signal from your factory stereo into the amp and back to your speakers without cutting any factory wiring! Your amp will need high-level inputs (most allow high-level and low-level). You can use a line converter (sold separately) if your amp only has RCA (low level) input.

This kit is specifically made for wiring up the speakers when installing an amplifier in your Voyager when you are KEEPING the factory radio! Since this kit allows the amp to be installed without cutting the factory wiring this will not affect your ability to add an aftermarket stereo in the future using our Wiring Harness Plug!

Rear kit for Vaquero

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Fits 2009-2022 Voyager (all models)


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