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Engineered Adapters is proud to introduce our latest product; our first that is not audio-related! After many requests from owners for EA to release a product to help with the installation of daymaker-style LED auxiliary lights into the Vaquero* and Voyager, we’ve finally answered the call!

Our Auxiliary Light Installation Kit works with the OEM hardware to make installing your new 4.5” LED daymaker-style passing lights to make what was once a time-consuming, tedious and messy process quick and easy!

Be sure to check out our installation video and check the flange dimension on your LED lights to verify compatibility.

Engineered Adapters Auxiliary Light Kit Installation Video

*  Vaquero owners will first need to purchase the Kawasaki Auxiliary Light Kit (99994-1097)

– Engineered Adapters reserves the right to make changes and/or improvements in designs, dimensions, and pricing without notice and without incurring obligation –

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Engineered Adapters Auxiliary Light Kit Installation Video

This kit will be completely reversible for most customers. It requires trimming of some small tabs in the housing but they are not structural. If you purchase a multi-light LED, such as the light ring, it may be necessary to cut the plugs to make the wiring connections to your bike. Some sanding may be required on some daymaker kits.

Note: About a year ago we made a small, unannounced revision to the rings. The latest design actually has locking “bumps” for the three tabs on the factory bezel. Customer feedback indicates this makes the design much more universal with the only fit issue now being if the flange thickness of the LED light housing is too thick. In this case, some light filing or sanding of the “bumps” will make for a great fit. Be sure to sand and test so as not to remove too much material.

While our installation video indicates that a flange thickness that is too thin will require shimming – the revised ring should already accommodate the thin flange – just check the fit on the thick-flange and sand as necessary for fit-up.

Below is a list of kits we know to be compatible or non-compatible. We are always looking to add to this list so if you purchase a kit not listed, please Contact Us to let us know the results so we can update the list!

Kit fits all years of 1700 Voyager and Vaquero and includes:
Two Mounting Rings
Six Speed Nuts
Six Screws
Two Cable Clamps
Lights NOT included!

Compatible 4.5″ LED kits:
Daymaker-style LED lights from Amazon

Non-compatible 4.5″ LED kits:
Sunpie – flange is too thin, requires shim

7 reviews for Auxiliary Light Mounting Kit

  1. Tom Johnston

    These pieces make what used to be complicated and risky into an easy job that can be done fairly quick. Fit was great and build quality is top notch. Would recommend to everyone wanting to replace their aux. lights with something better!

  2. Gilbert Thomas (verified owner)

    These adapters make intalling led light easy. The only issue i have is they do not snap in like the video showed, on the front bezel or the rear mount for the light. I bumped the light and it popped right back apart. I had to add some apoxy to hold it in place and not fall out. Expensive little plastic!!!

    • admin

      EA did confirm that the customer installed the Sunpie brand LED lights. Sunpie was already known to be a fit issue requiring shims during our testing. We do state on the website that Sunpie will not fit without being shimmed. That being stated, the expoxy idea was a great solution.

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    Another excellent product from Randy, these adapters make adding LED driving lamps to your Voyager or Vaquero a breeze. They’re a perfect fit for my Xprite 4.5″ cree LED spotlights 6000K (from Amazon), and the color of those lamps was a perfect match for my JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 LED headlamp.

  4. Josh (verified owner)

    This was a simple kit to convert my vaquero from the stock halogen bulb to LED. I used Rogue Rider Industry 4.5” driving lights and everything snapped into place snugly.

  5. Saeed Alketbi

    Thank you, I installed the piece exactly on the bike voyager 2018 and I am very happy with it

  6. Raz (verified owner)

    Randy’s Video how to complete the Straight forward Install certainly made the dismantling and assembly easy. Adapter rings fitment was great only had to trim the locking position which only took a couple of minutes. I was able to remove the existing lights without removing the fairing through the two glove box compartments.
    Thanks Randy

  7. Harry Tom (verified owner)

    Excellent product and good workmanship.
    Video also made the installation very simple.
    Some FYIs are:
    Depending on the aux lights being installed, trimming may needed to the locking tabs on the adapters before the they’ll turn and lock into the front fascia of the headlight can.
    Also, some glue will help to hold the aux light to the adapter ring before installing to the front facsia.

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