Thinkware M1 2-channel dashcam

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Introducing the Thinkware M1 2-channel onboard dashcam. This system includes an on-board recording device that can simultaneously record both cameras. It includes a full 1080HD front camera with a 720p rear cam. The handlebar mounted controller allows you to manually record when you want and allows wifi connection to your phone to view or save the recorded video. You can also remove the 32gb included micro-SD card to copy or view the files on your PC.

Thinkware is the premiere name in vehicle recording devices.  This motorsports camera system is IP66 rated for even the most adventurous rider, this system is perfect to record any incidents you may encounter while you ride.

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On-board DVR
Front 1080HD cam (@30fps)
Rear 1080HD cam (@30fps)
Handlebar controls
Camera Mounts
Wiring Harness


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