Product Installation Instructions

New for 2020 is our Product Installation Instruction page. Here we will post instructions and links to installation videos. We understand some things just don’t translate well in text so we will be creating more install videos early this year.

  • Headlight LED Mount Ring.  To complete this installation you will need to purchase a 7″ daymaker-style LED headlight to fit a Harley as well as a 7″ headlight mount kit also made to fit a Harley. Follow this link to see our Installation Video
  • Auxiliary Light Ring Kit:  If you have a Vaquero you’ll need to first purchase the Kawasaki Aux Light Kit (p/n: 99994-1097) and follow the instructions on how to install that kit. You will need to remove the fairing.Voyager owners or anyone who has already install the Kawasaki Aux Light Kit you will need to purchase the daymaker LED of your choice but be sure to check the video for important fit information. You can remove the two auxiliary lights without removing the fairing! Remove the speakers and reach through that hole to remove the three (3) screws from each light, disconnect the bulb and pull the light out the front of the fairing. From this point you can follow our installation video
  • Front Speaker Wires for Amplifier with FACTORY stereo:  About 4-6″ from the spade terminals (those plugs that attach to the speakers) you’ll find a connector. This kit utilizes that connector. Remove the terminal end and snap this kit into the OEM plug. Notice that the wires have opposing colors on the plugs. This was intentional. The reason is that once you plug them into the harness you route the wire to the INPUT side of your amplifier. Trim the wire to the appropriate length. Once you have done this for both speakers you’ll be left with two lengths of wire. Note that one is shorter than the other b/c the wire connections on the amp are usually on one end. Now you should notice that the leftover lengths correlate to the appropriate side. In other words, once you trim the wires, you’ll swap them between left and right. Route them from the OUTPUT side of your amplifier and route them to the appropriate speaker. They will plug into the short wire that then plugs into the speaker.It sounds confusing and I plan to make a video but once you are in there it should make perfect sense. When you are done both blacks will be on one side and both whites will be on the other! This video shows the OLD method of doing this but it MIGHT help clarify things. This was created before we developed the Front Speaker Wiring Kit
  • 6.5″ Fairing Speaker Adapters: Installation is fairly straightforward to but there are a few things to consider when installing 3D printed items so please read before installing. Follow this link for the Installation Instructions
  • Wiring Harness Plug:  This installation makes wiring your aftermarket radio to the factory wiring harness a breeze! It does require the installation of two resistors that should be soldered to the wires. The best part; all of the wiring can be done on your workbench! So if you don’t feel comfortable soldering, maybe you have a friend that does! Follow this link to view or download the Wiring Harness Diagram from our website.
  • The rest of this list comprises of ONLY text instructions. As we create more video content we will update these instructions with the links
  • SingleDIN radio adapter: The latest version of the SingleDIN radio adapter includes three (3) pieces and should be self-explanatory on how to assemble. We have Photos on our facebook page, but be advised they are of the older 4-piece design. When you pull out the OEM radio there’s a rubber gasket around the face. You will need this for the SingleDIN. Simply remove and place on the SingleDIN. Note: the ribs have an orientation so note that before you pull off the OEM unit.
  • SWI-CP2 Module: The PAC SWI-CP2 will include installation instructions. We recommend you read the instructions carefully and follow them closely. It may take a few attempts to get the mapping correct. If you ordered the Wiring Harness Plug you likely ordered the Wiring Harness Plug (and if not, we highly recommend you do). The Wiring Harness Plug diagram that includes the SWI-CP2 can be found HERE
  • AM/FM Antenna Extension: The installation should be self-explanatory but it extends the factory antenna to connect to your aftermarket stereo.
  • Rear Speaker Wiring Kit for Voyager: The connections for the rear speakers exist under the seat. Remove the seat and locate the two plugs just behind the battery box on the left side. One is black, the other is white. The EA wiring kit plugs into these connections. Route them under the tank up to the fairing and connect them to the INPUT side of the amplifier. The factory rear speakers have the mating connectors and the EA kit includes two more sets of wires that route from the OUTPUT side of the amplifier, under the tank and back to the same vicinity as the plugs under the seat. The rear speakers snap into these wires. We worked with one of our customer, Paul Rahn, who wanted us to create this kit and he created a video series on the 1700 Voyager Vaquero facebook page showing the installation.
  • Rear Wiring Kit (Vaquero only): If you are installing it for the rear saddlebag mounts you can find those connectors under the seat. You will need to drill a hole on the inside of the saddlebag in order to route the wires into the bag for the speaker. Two grommets are included. Once the wires are routed inside you can strip the ends and crimp on the included spade terminals.
  • LoRise Saddlebag Speaker Mounts: We don’t yet have install instructions or video for the LoRise saddlebag mounts (we have this as a priority). It may be faint but on the top face of each ring will be the letter “T” and on one of the rings, to the right of the “T” will be the letter “L”. This is for the LEFT side of the bike (as sitting on the bike) – Place the ring on the appropriate saddlebag in the approximate location (front angled face). Set the “tang” feature near the door and against the radius edge. Now slide them along that edge and they will just “drop into place”. That is seriously the best way we can describe it. They just fit right where they are supposed to. – Clamp them into place and find two opposing holes that align with your speaker screw holes and drill through the bag. Place screws in these holes to temporarily align the ring and fasten it into place. Use two of the included speednuts, just insert them from the underside. – Drill the remaining holes that align to the holes in your speakers. – Trace the inside shape of the mount onto the bag. Remove the screws and ring – Carefully cut out the traced line on the bag. – The underside of the mounts have a groove for RTV of other silicon sealer. If you want to seal between the speaker and the mount you’ll need the same or you’ll need to cut a gasket.
  • Amplifier Bracket: The amplifier bracket uses the existing OEM stereo mounting bolts to affix it to the frame. The “L” should point toward the dashboard. It may be easier to attach the amplifier to the mounting bracket prior to installing the bracket into the bike If you have the Kawasaki Satellite Radio is may be mounted above the OEM headunit. In this case, install the “L” bracket facing toward the headlight. This may limit the size of the amplifier you can install but we believe the RF and Alpine units that this bracket was designed for should fit. Be advised, if you are installing an aftermarket receiver the Sat Radio is not compatible. Aftermarket XM/Sirius receivers that attach to your head unit should work just fine.