This all began with the desire for bigger sound for my own 2009 Kawasaki Voyager 1700 ABS. After mounting an amp under the cowl I decided that the 5 1/4″ speakers – even aftermarket speakers – weren’t going to cut it. I set out to design an adapter that would allow  6 1/2″ speakers to be mounted to the factory location. The catch was it had to be easy and non-destructive.

Pulling from 27 years of engineering design including some very complex aerospace tooling I wanted to design an adapter that was not only functional but would compliment the Voyager and Vaquero designs.

After purchasing a 3D printer to encourage my son in is pursuit of engineering I now had the platform to make test parts to verify the reverse engineering. With his help and a lot of frustration (3D printers aren’t exactly plug n play I found out) we finally got it dialed in and I printed the first prototypes and mounted them to the bike. I was impressed!

I posted my new design on a motorcycle forum and was amazed at the amount of riders wanting their own. After a few revisions including changing the angles to get the rider right in the sweet spot for stereo imaging and designing it to fit multiple speakers I started printing them!

The reviews have been unbelievable! Thank you to those who were among the first to purchase that helped with feedback. If you’d like to hear what others have to say about the adapters – click on the Testimonials page!