About Us

Engineered Adapters is a small, family-operated business located in the Buckeye Stated (That's Ohio, USA)! We pride ourselves on creating products to fill the voids that other aftermarket manufacturers will not. Kawasaki is where we started and where most of our efforts still center but we have began to expand into other manufacturers. Know that we appreciate you spending your hard-earned money on our products and know that when you do so, you are supporting a small business that puts "Made in America" first! If you want to learn how we got here, please continue reading below.

This all started with the idea for a single accessory. An accessory that was going to be a one-off product for my own 2009 Voyager 1700.

In 2015 my son was taking engineering classes and I purchased him a 3D printer to help encourage him in that pursuit. This was the timeframe when most schools were really pushing their STEM programs and he already had experience with them.

With the lack of aftermarket support for our beloved Kawasaki’s, I found myself in the same situation as many others; having to fabricate most any accessory I may want for my bike. As it turns out, a 3D printer is an exceptional tool for R&D – so the pursuit began. It wasn’t long before that 3D printer was commandeered to work through many different stages of design until the 6-1/2” Fairing Speaker Adapters were finalized! After posting photos of them on a, then, popular Vulcan forum, I discovered just how much these were really needed in the community.

I started selling just a few to eager buyers also trying to feed their hunger for aftermarket parts, especially anything that would improve the rather dismal factory stereo. We went through several revisions before the latest model that we sell today – still our most popular product in our shop!

The 6-1/2” speakers were great but needed more power than what the factory head unit could muster. The amplifier bracket was born from the need to mount an amp under the fairing. A Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4 (with future expansion already being planned) was installed – and, btw, still running strong in 2023! The Infinity M605 speakers REALLY woke up with that installation.

It wasn’t long before I saw other owners looking to swap out their head units. I had no desire as I did not think the change would be that big. The wiring harness plug and the singledin radio adapter were designed simultaneously to solve this install. While I am comfortable cutting factory wiring, I knew others would not be. I can admit I was completely wrong about the difference the new head unit would make. Hands down, the single biggest upgrade in sound quality!

From that point on we began to get requests from speaker pods to air cleaner mounts to double-din stereo brackets in the dash and the list goes on. Our audio lineup has continued to expand right up until today and we have additional items in the works!!

At some point along the way, we saw the community starting to modify their headlight brackets to install LED lights. We saw the need and answered the call with our Voyager/Vaquero aux light adapters followed by the headlight adapter. With so many other Vulcan owners reaching out, we researched other bikes and added our “big Vulcan” LED headlight bracket – and in 2022 we received our first utility patent for this product!

Our YouTube channel has started to gain some traction and we are almost completed with some renovations to create a sound studio in a garage so we can create more content – especially installation videos – something we admit we have been lacking in creating!

Engineered Adapters has continued to grow, even during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown of the US. We have worked hard to build a good reputation within the community and we strive to always give our customers great service! We stand behind our products and just a few minutes spent researching through the Vulcan forums and FB Kawasaki motorcycle pages will show how much that work has paid off.

We plan to continue writing this story and we invite you along for the ride! Checkout our products and if there is something you want but you don’t see it, send us a suggestion on a new product!